Itron CF Echo II

Kiwa certified RHI compliant

This heat meter, when used with the sub-assemblies and configured as detailed below, has been independently verified by Kiwa GASTEC at CRE as suitably compliant with the Measuring Instruments Directive for the purposes of claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Brand name: 
Model name: 
CF Echo II
Meter specifications
MID accuracy class: 
Class 2
Location of flow sensor: 
Flow or return
Heat conveying liquid: 

Meter sub-assemblies: 
Part numberPipe sizeMax flow rate
qs (m3/h)
Nominal flow rate
qp (m3/h)
Min flow rate
qi (m3/h)
Max temp
θmax (°C)
Min temp
θmin (°C)
Min temp diff
Δθmax (°C)
CF Echo 15mm Qp0.615 mm1.20.60.00618003
CF Echo 20mm Qp0.620 mm1.20.60.00618003
CF Echo 15mm Qp1.515 mm31.50.0118003
CF Echo 20mm Qp1.520 mm31.50.0118003
CF Echo 20mm Qp2.520 mm52.50.0218003
CF Echo 25mm Qp2.525 mm52.50.0218003
CF Echo 25mm Qp3.525 mm73.50.0318003
CF Echo 40mm Qp3.540 mm73.50.0318003
CF Echo 25mm Qp6.025 mm1260.0618003
CF Echo 32mm Qp6.032 mm1260.0618003
CF Echo 40mm Qp6.040 mm1260.0618003
CF Echo 50mm Qp6.050 mm1260.0618003
CF Echo 40mm Qp1040 mm20100.118003
CF Echo 50mm Qp1050 mm20100.118003
CF Echo 50mm Qp1550 mm30150.118003
Additional notes
The CF Echo II is a complete Ultrasonic Heat Meter consisting of -
Flow meter, calculator and temperature sensors.

Customer to define some options at point of ordering -
Meter used in Heat, Cooling or Heat & Cooling with positioning in either
the return or supply (flow) pipe work.
Temperature sensor type Pt100 or Pt500.
Power supply type - battery or mains 230vac.

A number of "Plug & Play" option cards are available to allow communication
M-Bus, GPRS M-Bus master, RS232, energy/volume pulsed output, LON,
radio RF and water meter pulsed input.
Contact information
PO Box 3
Talbot Road
Greater Manchester
M32 0XX
0161 865 1181

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