Supercal 531 with Superstatic 440

Kiwa certified RHI compliant

This heat meter, when used with the sub-assemblies and configured as detailed below, has been independently verified by Kiwa GASTEC at CRE as suitably compliant with the Measuring Instruments Directive for the purposes of claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive.

DMS Flow Measurement & Controls Limited
Brand name: 
Model name: 
Model qualifier: 
with Superstatic 440
Meter specifications
MID accuracy class: 
Class 2
Location of flow sensor: 
Flow or return
Heat conveying liquid: 

Meter sub-assemblies: 
Part numberPipe sizeMax flow rate
qs (m3/h)
Nominal flow rate
qp (m3/h)
Min flow rate
qi (m3/h)
Max temp
θmax (°C)
Min temp
θmin (°C)
Min temp diff
Δθmax (°C)
Superstatic 440-Qp1.0G1 B (R3/4)210.0113053
Superstatic 440-Qp1.0G3/4 B (R1/2)210.0113053
Superstatic 440-Qp1.5G1 B (R3/4)31.50.0113053
Superstatic 440-Qp1.5G3/4 B (R1/2)31.50.0113053
Superstatic 440-Qp2.5G1 B (R3/4)52.50.0213053
Superstatic 440-Qp3.5DN25 Flanged123.50.0313053
Superstatic 440-Qp3.5G1.25 B (R1)73.50.0313053
Superstatic 440-Qp6.0DN25 Flanged1260.0613053
Superstatic 440-Qp6.0G1.25 B (R1)1260.0613053
Superstatic 440-Qp10DN40 Flanged20100.113053
Superstatic 440-Qp10G2 B (R1.5)20100.113053
Superstatic 440-Qp15DN50 Flanged30150.1513053
Superstatic 440-Qp25DN65 Flanged50250.2513053
Superstatic 440-Qp40DN80 Flanged80400.813053
Superstatic 440-Qp60DN100 Flanged120601.213053
Superstatic 440-Qp100DN125 Flanged200100213053
Superstatic 440-Qp150DN150 Flanged300150313053
Superstatic 440-Qp250DN200 Flanged500250513053
Superstatic 440-Qp400DN250 Flanged800400813053
Superstatic 440-Qp800DN350 Flanged16008003213053
Superstatic 440-Qp1500DN500 Flanged300015006013053
Additional notes
All Sontex equipment are calibrated sets.

In each Supercal 531/Superstatic 440 kit you will get:-
1x Supercal 531
1x Superstatic 440
1x Temperature Sensor 460

They must never be separated due to the fact they are calibrated sets.

If a different display is used with a meter it is not suited for, this will in turn void all calibration certificates supplied. It will also mean you have an incorrect setup and the readings on the heat meter may be inaccurate.
Contact information
DMS Flow Measurement & Controls Limited
X-Cel House
Chrysalis Way
Langley Bridge
NG16 3RY
01773 534 555

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