Metering for the RHI

Non-Domestic RHI

All Non-Domestic RHI installations require one or more MID accuracy class 2 heat meters or steam meters to correctly measure the eligible heat output (EHO).

Ofgem categorises each Non-Domestic RHI installation as having standard or multiple metering arrangements. These replace the old definitions of ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ installations.

Where an installation falls into one of the following categories, Ofgem requires the completion of an Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA):

  1. The installation has multiple metering arrangements
  2. The installation has a capacity of 1MW or above
  3. The installation uses steam as a heat transfer medium

Domestic RHI

Most people don’t need to install meters under the Domestic RHI. Payments are based on estimated heat use or generation.

Metering is required if you have some types of back-up heating, if your home is occupied for less than half the year, or if your biomass boiler doesn’t heat your entire property. Metering is never required for solar thermal systems.

Heat meters for the Domestic RHI must fall within accuracy class 3 or better of the MID.

For further information on metering for the Domestic RHI, pease check the Ofgem website for guidance.