What can we do to help?

Kiwa LtdKiwa is an independent energy advice and product testing company with over 60 years of experience in the trade.

Non-Domestic RHI

We can:

  • Advise whether you are eligible and whether you are likely to have standard or multiple metering arrangements
  • Review of piping and instrumentation (P&I) diagrams
  • Review of metering specification. We also provide a free RHI compliant heat meter database, so you can check that your meters are suitable for the Non-domestic RHI
  • Provide Independent Reports on Metering Arrangements (IRMAs), especially to large installations or those with multiple metering arrangements. This includes a detailed schematic of the installation
For more information please email or call us on 01242 677 877.

Biomass manufacturers and distributors

We can:

  • Test your biomass boiler to see if it meets the RHI emissions requirements. We can either perform the test work at our accredited laboratories, at your premises, or at one of your customer’s sites.
  • Generate an RHI Emissions Certificate for your boiler or range of boilers, whether it was tested by us, or another accredited body
  • Advise on the testing requirements, especially ‘type-testing’ ranges of boilers.
  • Our boiler testing can also satisfy the requirements of Smoke Exemption under the Clean Air Act, and the Energy Technology List (ETL) for claiming Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs).  

For more information please email or call on 01242 677 877.

Domestic RHI

For more information about the Domestic RHI, please contact Ofgem directly.