RHI Emissions Certificates for biomass boilers

All biomass boilers must meet air quality requirements before they are eligible for use in an RHI accredited installation. This applies to both the Non-domestic and Domestic RHI.*

The air quality requirements are that emissions from the boiler must not exceed:

  • 30g/GJ particulate matter (30 grams of particulate matter per gigajoule net heat input) also referred to as ‘dust’ or ‘smoke’
  • 150g/GJ NOx (150 grams of oxides of nitrogen per gigajoule net heat input)

Once tested, an RHI Emissions Certificate serves as proof of compliance with this part of the regulations.

To obtain an emissions certificate, the biomass boiler must be tested by an accredited laboratory, and there are additional rules governing:

  • The standards the testing must comply with
  • The duration of the tests
  • The number of tests
  • The output of the boiler during the tests (at least 85% of installation capacity)
  • The type of fuel used (including fuel moisture content)

Not every boiler needs to be tested. Once an RHI Emissions Certificate is obtained for a particular model and fuel type, that model does not need to be tested again. For multiple models of boiler in the same range, it is also possible to test a representative selection (subject to certain conditions) of models, and then define a ‘type-testing’ range.

How can we help?

We can:

  • Test your biomass boiler to see if it meets the RHI emissions requirements. We can either perform the test work at our accredited laboratories, at your premises, or at one of your customer’s sites
  • Generate an RHI Emissions Certificate for your boiler or range of boilers, whether it was tested by us, or another accredited body
  • Advise on the testing requirements, especially ‘type-testing’ ranges of boilers
  • Our boiler testing can also satisfy the requirements of Smoke Exemption under the Clean Air Act, and the Energy Technology List (ETL) for claiming Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs).  

For more information please email or call us on 01242 677 877.